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eMATH November 2021 Newsletter

As the days get shorter and weather gets cooler, at least we have our sights set on a nice, long Thanksgiving break coming soon. We have been working hard in the last month of create a whole new set of add-ons for this month, so let’s get right into our newest additions.

Middle School Updates

In N-Gen Math 6 this month we bring you resources for two units. First, we have the Unit 5 (Algebraic Expressions) Exit Tickets and Mid-Unit Quiz. We also bring you the same two resources for Unit 6 (Equations and Inequalities). Finally, we also have posted the Spanish language versions of the Units 5 and 6 Reviews and Unit Assessments.

For N-Gen Math 7 this month we have posted the Unit 4 (Percent) Exit Tickets and Mid-Unit Quiz. We have also posted the Spanish language versions of the Unit 4 Review and Unit 4 Assessment.

We round out of middle school additions with N-Gen Math 8. For this course, we have added the Unit 4 (Similarity and Dilations) and Unit 5 (Equations of Lines) Exit Tickets and Mid-Unit Quizzes. We have also added the Spanish language versions of the unit reviews and unit assessments for each of these two units.

High School Updates

For Common Core Algebra I this month we bring you two new mid-unit quizzes. First, we have the Unit 4 (Linear Functions and Arithmetic Sequences) Form C Quiz, and we have also posted the Unit 5 (Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities) Form C Quiz.

Our Common Core Geometry additions this month include a quiz and an enrichment lesson. First, we have the Unit 4 (Construction) Form C mid-unit quiz. We also have posted an enrichment activity for Unit 4 that we call Copy It Constructions. It consists of a set of interesting patterns that students must copy using a ruler and straightedge. We feel that this is an excellent construction activity to help students become more comfortable with the tools of constructions, especially once they know how to copy a triangle.

In Common Core Algebra II this month we have added two new resources for Unit 6 (Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra). First, we have the Unit 6 Mid-Unit Quiz, Form C. We also have posted a monster set of factoring problems for the unit. You can never get too many factoring problems.

Finally, in Algebra 2 with Trigonometry we’ve added the Unit 6 (Polynomials and Rational Functions) Mid-Unit Quiz, Form C.

In Other News

Filming has begun for our new N-Gen Math Algebra I course. We will be working throughout the winter on the videos. If all goes as planned, we should be releasing the entire text for next fall with videos and QR codes already done and attached to the documents.

For now, all of us at eMATHinstruction want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday break. We hope teachers, students, and parents alike can all take some time off from the worries of academic life and just enjoy good company and good food.