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eMATH October 2021 Newsletter

Hello cooler weather and (modestly) brighter colors!!! It’s full on autumn here in the Hudson Valley of New York. We are excited to see most schools back to a semblance of normality. At eMATHinstruction, we know teachers, students, and parents are all still facing lots of hurdles, not the least of which is making up for lost time from the last few years. We are ready again this month with many new additions to our courses that will help.

In our middle school courses this month we continue to add mid-unit quizzes, exit tickets, and Spanish language resources. In N-Gen Math 6, we’ve added these resources for Unit 4 (Negative Numbers). Teachers now have access to the exit tickets, mid-unit quiz, and Spanish language versions of the unit assessment and unit review. In N-Gen Math 7, we have added the same four resources for Unit 3 (Proportional Relationships) and for N-Gen Math 8 we have also added them for Unit 3 (Transformations).

For Common Core Algebra I this month we have some resources for Unit 3 (Functions). First, we have the Form C of the mid-unit quiz. We also have a practice set of problems on Average Rate of Change. This practice set gives students opportunities to calculate and interpret the average rate of change of a function, where functions are represented by equations, graphs, and tables.

In Common Core Geometry we also have resources for Unit 3 (Euclidean Triangle Proof). We have added Form C of the Unit 3 mid-unit quiz. As well, we have added a practice set of problems on proofs involving parallel lines. These proofs both use givens involving parallel lines and proofs where students must prove that lines are parallel. You can never have too many additional sets of proofs to practice with.

Common Core Algebra II add-ons this month include two mid-unit quizzes. First, we have the Form C quiz for Unit 4 (Exponential and Logarithmic Functions). We then bring you the Form C quiz for Unit 5 (Sequences and Series).

Our Algebra 2 with Trigonometry add-ons this month also include two mid-unit quizzes. First, we have the Form C quiz for Unit 4 (Radicals and the Quadratic Formula) and then the Form C quiz for Unit 5 (Complex Numbers). We hope that the extra assessments give teachers flexibility in how and when they give our tests and quizzes.

Early November will be coming up soon and that means the AMTNYS Fall conference. This year it will be a virtual conference. We are participating in Sponsor Learning Bursts segments on Thursday night from 7:05 to 8:00 p.m. I will be discussing some exciting new additions to our middle school curriculum in the first session, and then take our last two sessions to discuss our transition from Common Core aligned Algebra I to Next Generation aligned Algebra I. Join me at the sessions. Here’s a direct link:

AMTNYS Sponsor Learning Bursts

We’re going back into the recording studio soon to begin making the videos for N-Gen Math Algebra I. I’m looking forward to getting back in front of a camera and doing some math. Until next month, enjoy the fall season, the beautiful colors, and that last bit of warmth.