eMATH September 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome back to school teachers, students, parents, and administrators (not necessarily in that order). Of course, some schools around the country have been back in session for over a month now, but many in the northeast, specifically those in New York City, have just restarted. Some of these schools are having in school classes for the first time in over a year. They have been busy preparing for this challenging year, as have we. We have an exciting new round of additions for September, so let’s get right to them.

At the middle school level, for our N-Gen Math 6, N-Gen Math 7, and N-Gen Math 8 courses we have posted Exit Tickets for Unit 2 of Math 7 and Math 8 and for Unit 3 of Math 6 (Unit 2 Exit Tickets for Math 6 were published last month). We also have created and posted mid-unit quizzes for Unit 2 of each of the middle school courses and have also posted the mid-unit quiz for Unit 3 in N-Gen Math 6. Finally, we also bring you a variety of Spanish language resources for our middle school courses. In each middle school course we have published the Spanish language version of the Unit 2 Review and the Unit 2 Assessment. These Spanish language assessments are direct translations of the original English language versions.

At the high school level, we begin with our new Common Core Algebra I additions. First we bring you a third form (Form C) of the Unit 2 (Linear Equations and Inequalities) mid-unit quiz. We also have posted an additional problem set on solving linear equations. In this addition, Solving Linear Equations – Extra Practice, we have created equations that requite a good deal of manipulation and many equations involving fractions and decimals.

In Common Core Geometry this month, we bring you the Unit 2 (Transformations, Rigid Motions, and Congruence) Form C mid-unit quiz. We also bring you a Unit 2 set of problems on isosceles triangles. We felt like students could use more practice with classic isosceles triangle problems involving base and vertex angles. Algebraic manipulation is stressed in this problem set.

For Common Core Algebra II, we have published the Unit 3 (Linear Functions, Equations, and Their Algebra) Form C mid-unit quiz. You can probably sense a theme here with the mid-unit quizzes. Additionally, we have also added a nice practice set of problems on piecewise linear functions. This problem set gives students practice graphing piecewise linear functions and determining equations of piecewise linear functions from their graphs.

Finally, in Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, we are adding two mid-unit quizzes. For Unit 2 (Linear Relations and Functions), we have added the first mid-unit quiz (Form A) for this unit. For Unit 3 (Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra), we have added the Form C mid-unit quiz.

Now that our Next Generation middle school curricula are created, we have turned our attention to creating our N-Gen Math Algebra I course. We hope to begin to record videos for this course in the coming months and will give an update on our progress for the course at the fall AMTNYS meeting. For now, all of us at eMATHinstruction want to wish the teachers, students, and administrators a good start to the school year and good health moving forward. Stay safe and stay sane.