FAQ: eMATHinstruction Book Questions

What do the printed workbooks contain?

The workbooks contain the lessons and homework sets that are freely available on our website. They also contain unit reviews. When purchased in quantities of 20 books or more they are very competitive with photocopying costs.

Are there answer keys available for the workbooks?

All answer keys are available electronically through a paid membership. Because the lessons and homework sets are available for free on our website, selling access to answer keys and additional resources is how we can continue offering new, high quality mathematical resources. Answers to the lesson portion of our curricula can also be obtained by viewing the videos on YouTube.

What is the book binding format?

The Common Core series of books is available in two binding formats: spiral bound and loose leaf three-hole punch. The loose leaf three-hole punch books do not come with three ring binders. The N-Gen Math series of books comes in a single binding format that is both spiral bound and three-hole punched.  The benefits of spiral bound books over perfect bound books is that they are easier to write in as they can lay flat on a desk either opened completely or wrapped around if desk space is limited. The spiral binding can be removed and pages placed in a three-ring binder if desired.

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