FAQ: eMATHinstruction Video Questions

My school blocks YouTube – Can videos be accessed somewhere else?

Yes, we recognize that many schools block access to YouTube so our videos are also available on TeacherTube. Check out our TeacherTube channel.

What do the videos contain?

The videos show eMATH founder, Kirk Weiler, providing direct instruction and working through solutions for each lesson. The videos do not show solutions for the homework sets. Each video is approximately 15 to 30 minutes long depending on the lesson. They are available on YouTube and can be accessed directly from our website or worksheet QR code. Videos can be used for extra help if a student is unsure of a concept, if a student is absent, if a teacher is absent, or in a flipped classroom model.

Why do the videos not contain instruction on how to solve the homework problems?

Our materials are designed for school use. Many schools assign homework problems and then collect them as part of the grading process for the class. Because schools do not want students to copy the solutions to the homework, we do not provide video instruction on their solutions.

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