About Us

Who We Are

eMATHinstruction (eMATH) produces mathematics curricula at the middle and high school levels. eMATHinstruction was founded in 2008 by Kirk Weiler. Kirk taught math in the public school system in New York, for two decades, teaching everything from Algebra I to AP Calculus. From early in his career, Kirk realized that students benefited greatly from well designed, teacher-guided instruction and exploration.

What We Do

eMATHinstruction (eMATH) makes teaching math a whole lot easier and learning math a whole lot more fun. We provide free lessons, videos and homework sets for middle and high school mathematics courses. Our standards-aligned, scaffolded curricula are easy to use, and save teachers time and energy. Premium content — including answer keys, assessments, exit tickets and more — is available through a paid yearly membership. We provide high quality materials, so teachers have time to focus on creative activities and individualized student support. Our fun and engaging videos provide reinforcement or instruction when synchronous learning is not possible.

Common Core Algebra I


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