FAQ: Copyright Questions and Document Permissions

The following questions and points are only commonly asked questions regarding how you are permitted to use downloaded documents with your class.

For a complete and detailed list of what is allowed and prohibited please review the following documents. If you have additional questions for need clarification, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].
Terms and Conditions
Single User License Agreement


You can:    Print and make in-house photocopies of eMATHinstruction documents (lessons/homework, unit reviews, etc) for class distribution.

You can’t:  Send out documents to a third-party print shop (including BOCES) for photocopying or binding. If your school does not have photocopiers and you need a copyright release, please contact us at [email protected].

Why?:         eMATHinstruction is a small company. We aim to make our resources as accessible as possible. Selling workbooks is one way we make money. Printing our copyrighted materials in violation of our Terms and Conditions


You can:    Post documents for students to access in a closed or password protected system such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Blackboard, or Canvas.

You can’t:  Post documents on a teacher website or any other site that is not password protected which could allow the documents to be discovered by the general public.

Why?:        eMATHinstruction is a small company. We aim to make our resources as accessible as possible and the majority of our resources are available for free. Selling membership access is one way we make money. When you post our documents (both free documents and documents that require a paid membership to view), you hurt our business.  

Answer Key Distribution

You can:    Provide answer keys on an individual basis for students with IEPs or other accommodations.

You can’t:  Blanketly distribute answer keys in print or electronic version to an entire class.

Why?:        Students like to share. When students have easy access to answer keys the more likely it is that they will share with their friends or the broader public through homework help websites. This is an academic integrity issue.

Editable Files

You can:    Edit these documents to suit the needs of your class. When you edit a document, you must assign copyright accordingly by stating the following: “This assignment is a teacher-modified version of [eMATHinstruction Title] Copyright © 20xx eMATHinstruction Inc, used by permission” where “20xx” is the copyright year reflected in the copyright notice for the original document. If you have questions about how you can use our materials, please contact us at [email protected].

You can’t:  Do not remove copyright notification from any eMATHinstruction materials as this is a serious violation of federal law subject to statutory damages.  

Note: All editable files are subject to the same rules of printing, posting and answer key distribution indicated above. For more detailed

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