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    These lessons are the absolute best. I’m unsure of why the previous two reviews are saying that they wish there were QR codes and the title of the lessons by Unit & Lesson number…both of these features are already present on all of the lessons….

    Anyway, I’ve used eMath for my Algebra class, 7th grade, 6th grade and was even able to use it for my Accelerated 7th grade class by utilizing the 8th grade course as well. My students LOVE Kirk and the lessons themselves are excellent.

    The ability to scan the QR codes to get right to the video of the lesson being worked on is the best feature in my opinion. If a student is struggling at home on homework or if they or I were absent that day, it is so simple for them to watch the video for help.

    eMathInstruction has become our favorite in all of my classes!

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    sandra.jordan (verified owner)

    I used N-Gen Math for grades 8-12 during the 2020-2021- school term for the first time. I LOVE IT!!!! The kids were very receptive to this and I used it in conjunction with our textbook and the two paired really well. All the resource materials were so helpful and I can foresee using this curriculum for the future. The video component allows the kids to go back and review what was taught in class and jot down discussion questions for the next day if they need clarification on anything. Thanks for this wonderful resource!!!!!

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    Amazing videos that explain concepts from CC Algebra 2 very well to students. 5/5.

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    The material covered builds on previous topics covered. There are nicely paced videos and reinforcement problems in the homework pages. User friendly website. 5/5.

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    jsliski (verified owner)

    I used the program this year in my general math class. We are not allowed to use the workbooks as consumables so I have been directing the students to your site. I wish there were hardcover books. I enjoy the option of the video for when a student or myself are absent or if a student needs any additional help. I also like the suggestion below of having a QR code or a link from the lesson to the video.

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    Some students don’t have protractors for Unit 9 due to COVID-19. This is a reliable website but I recommend adding a method for students to help them understand Unit 9.

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    m.ray (verified owner)

    I like the lessons, videos, and workbook. Love that an absent student can watch the lesson video and be caught up.

    There are only two things I wish were found in the workbook:
    – That each lesson was labeled with the Unit # and Lesson #, not just the title of the lesson.
    – That each lesson had a QR code to bring you directly to the video for that lesson.

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    I have been using the Algebra 1 emath materials for a number of years and love the curriculum. The instructional videos are wonderful for distance learning and also absent students. Last year I piloted the N-Gen Math 8 curriculum – another home run! It is so much more cohesive than what we were using from other publishers in years past. The resources available are remarkable. Love the scope and sequence – love the videos – love the curriculum. Thank you!

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    Jackie Schacht (verified owner)

    As a seasoned Algebra 1 teacher, I often used the freely available Algebra 1 materials to supplement my instruction. 2020-2021 has been my first year teaching Algebra 2 and with the overwhelming year of remote and hybrid learning, I decided to purchase the teacher subscription for the Algebra 2 content. I am so glad I did! It has helped me guide my pacing through the year and check my alignment to state standards. The supplemental materials have been well worth the purchase as I’ve continued to build a new-to-me course during a year of intense uncertainty. Being able to rely on excellent add-ons, exit tickets, and unit reviews and assessments has been a lifesaver this year!

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    draucker.homeschool (verified owner)

    As a homeschool dad, I highly recommend eMathInstruction for homeschooling. The lessons combine video instruction with worksheets, which enables students to step through the lessons, personally working out each example to ensure they learn each concept before moving on to the next. My son likes to pause the video to try solving each example first, and then watch the video to see if he got it right.
    The post-video Fluency, Application, and Reasoning worksheet sections (aka homework) ensure that students grasp the concepts presented, as well as achieve the ability to apply the knowledge to solve typical real world problems.
    The parent/teacher answer sheets are especially useful because they include each step required to determine the correct answer. This ensures students not only find the correct answer, but do so using the correct steps in the appropriate order. It also enables students to identify specifically where they went wrong when they have an incorrect answer.
    My son and I used several alternative online math courses, including an attempt at DIY lessons. Nothing worked as well as eMathInstruction.
    Special note: The person teaching often makes a difference. Their style, their speech patterns (tone and inflection) make a difference. This is where Kirk Weiler really excels. He’s a true educator, not just a presenter. He consistently stays on-topic, never veering off on a tangent or talking about personal experiences, as we experienced with some other online video courses. Additionally, responses to email inquires are consistently quick, on-point, and appropriate.
    My only complaint about the lessons is the dependence on the TI-84 calculator. We have a different calculator (TI-nSpire CX), which makes following those particular lessons difficult. If you’re going to subscribe, be sure to purchase a TI-84 for your student.