N-Gen Math™ 8

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In this course students increase their ability to use algebra to solve problems, including the solution of equations with variables on both sides. Extensive work is done in geometry to understand rigid motions, dilations, and their connections to congruent figures, symmetry, and similarity. The equation of a line in the coordinate plane is developed from work with proportional relationships and unit rates. Linear functions are used to model a variety of real-world scenarios. Systems of linear equations are solved graphically, by substitution, and by simple addition.

More advanced topics in algebra, such as negative exponents, roots, and solving simple quadratic equations are learned and applied, especially with the Pythagorean Theorem and with scientific notation. Geometric modeling is done with circles, cones, and spheres as well as other solids. Topics include the area formula for a circle and the volume formula for cones and spheres. This course is aligned to the New York State Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards.

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