Five Schools across New York State

New York

eMATH Videos Helped Teachers Provide Instruction During the First Months of the Pandemic

Students, teachers, and schools are concluding their third academic year impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This period of time has brought unprecedented challenges as educators and students have managed prolonged periods of remote learning, schedule disruptions, technology issues and constant uncertainty.

9th Grade Academy, Clarksdale Municipal School District


eMATHinstruction's Flexible and Standards Aligned Curricula Are Useful as Supplemental Materials

Angela Griffin, a 24-year veteran educator at J.W. Stampley, found eMATHinstruction (eMATH) materials approximately three years ago when she was searching for supplemental materials for her Algebra 1 course. As a 9th grade academy with 171 students, Algebra 1 is the only math course offered. She uses the eMATH Algebra 1 curriculum in conjunction with another Algebra 1 curriculum provided by the school district, but she prefers many aspects of eMATH, especially the homework. She says the eMATH materials are a helpful addition.

Eric S. Smith Middle School, Ramsey School District

New Jersey

Ramsey, NJ

eMATH Provides Opportunities for Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Scott Sirota, a 16-year veteran math educator at Eric S. Smith Middle School, says he began using eMATHinstruction (eMATH) materials because he was looking for a curriculum for Algebra I that encouraged critical thinking skills. The Algebra I teachers at the school have now used the curriculum for years and they have continued to see success with it. Scott says that students in the school always perform well on standardized tests, but the teachers have seen an improvement in the students' thinking skills since switching to eMATH, which is harder to measure.

Ithaca High School, Ithaca City School District

New York

Ithaca, NY

Standards Alignment and Customization Make eMATH Curricula the Obvious Choice

Ithaca High School (IHS) is home to a math department of 16 teachers, led by 30-year veteran educator, Steve Weissburg. He says the school found eMATHinstruction (eMATH) at just the right time. As New York was transitioning to the Common Core State Standards in 2011, schools like IHS were looking for new textbooks and curricula. The standards-aligned framework, online accessibility, and customizability of the eMATH materials impressed the search committee.