River View Junior High School, River View Local School District, Ohio

eMATH Curricula is Structured, Rigorous and Customizable

Molly Bordenkircher has been teaching mathematics for more than 30 years at the middle school and high school levels. She began using eMATHinstruction (eMATH) curricula seven years ago for the Algebra I and Geometry courses she teaches at River View Junior High School. The students in these courses are grade-accelerated 7th and 8th grade students who are taking high school math courses.

Molly says that eMATH has proven to be a good fit for her and her students. The eMATH curricula appealed to Molly because of the rigor and structure of the lessons, homework, and assessments. Molly appreciates that the materials are editable with a Teacher Plus membership, as she likes having the flexibility to customize without having to create anything from scratch. The students enjoy having a physical workbook and access to the online video lessons. Additionally, Molly says the eMATH curricula are well aligned to the Ohio state standards.

The structure that this curriculum offers makes it ideal for me. I think it meshes well with my personality and my style of teaching. The kids respond well within the structure and predictability of the lesson and homework. They have the capacity to work ahead if they want to or do some additional review work if they need it. It makes them a little more autonomous.

Molly Bordenkircher, Mathematics Teacher

eMATH Implementation

The rigor is in those [eMATH] assessments. We do the review faithfully with each unit, but when those kids sit down for that assessment, there is still stuff for them to apply on their own and connections for them to make. I love that. That piece of eMATH is really the deciding factor for those kids going into the state assessment well prepared. [The state test] wants them to really draw those connections on their own and adapt and apply knowledge. [eMATH] has been the game changer for my students.

Molly Bordenkircher, Mathematics Teacher
Bar graph: Economically Disadvantaged 58%, Students with Disabilities 13%, Caucasian/White 95%, African American/Black 2%, Hispanic/Latinx 2%, Asian American & Pacific Islander 0%, Multiracial 1%
271 students in grades 7-8

Students Excel on State Tests with eMATH Curricula

Molly says the eMATH lessons and assessments prepare her students for the Ohio State Test, because the lessons increase in rigor and the assessments provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and make connections in new ways. Her students have consistently performed above average on the Algebra I and Geometry end-of-course state tests, with four students achieving the highest level of competency in 2022-2023. She says her grade-accelerated students are academically gifted, but the key to their success and high results is directly related to their hard work and the rigor of the eMATH curricula.

Kids and parents use [the eMATH videos and workbooks] to make sure that they’re staying on pace and learning what they need to learn. I like the ownership that this affords students. It’s a really great tool for my students.

Molly Bordenkircher, Mathematics Teacher

eMATH Videos and Workbooks Help Parents Support Student Learning at Home

Another benefit of the eMATH curricula, according to Molly, is that parents can support their students at home more easily. The students in Molly’s classes are 7th and 8th graders who are taking high school level courses, which can be challenging at times. The eMATH video lessons and the student workbooks provide parents with the resources they need to help their students. Molly says she can feel confident that the information in the videos matches what she is teaching in the classroom and parents can access a refresher on content they may not have studied since they were in high school.

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