FAQ: General eMATHinstruction Questions

What and who is eMATHinstruction?

eMATHinstruction was founded in 2008 by Kirk Weiler. Emath Instruction Inc. was then formed in 2015. We are a math education company with the mission of creating and providing high quality mathematics resources that are simple for teachers to implement and engaging for students to use. At eMATHinstruction we understand what teachers face every day in the classroom. We understand that there are intrusions to instruction time. We understand that students are absent from class. We understand that students sometimes struggle with concepts. Our simple system of lessons with accompanying homework sets and videos take these realities into account. Our curricula is carefully scaffolded to develop and hone mathematical skills with deeper understanding of concepts. At eMATHinstruction we try to make math fun, accessible, understandable and give every student the confidence to succeed.

Who is Kirk Weiler?

Kirk Weiler is the founder, creator and principle writer of eMATHinstruction. He grew up in central Illinois and earned a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Illinois and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University. After working as a water resources engineer for several years Kirk decided change course and pursue teaching. He then earned an M.S. in Mathematics Education from Syracuse University. Kirk taught for seventeen years at Arlington High School in LaGrangeville, NY. He coached the Math League team, taught courses ranging from pre-algebra to AP Calculus and advanced third semester calculus. For the last five years at Arlington Kirk served as the mathematics department chair. Kirk has an exceptional gift for presenting mathematics in a clear, understandable manner. This can be experienced through the lessons he creates and his videos. In his spare time Kirk can be found playing soccer, baking bread or trying to get brussels sprouts to grow in the garden. His favorite vegetable is Romanesco cauliflower. Google it and you will see why. It’s a very mathematical vegetable.

What is the eMATHinstruction system?

Each eMATHinstruction course consists of lessons and homework sets. These resources are available for free download on each course page. We do offer the full course of lessons and homework sets along with unit reviews in bound format for each course. When purchased in quantities of 20 or more each workbook is competitive with photocopying costs. For each lesson there is a full length (15-30 minute) YouTube video which helps when students are absent, or they need a refresher. Answer keys and other resources for each course are offered electronically as a yearly membership.

Who is eMATHinstruction material intended for?

The structure of our curricula is intended for teachers to use in part or whole with their students. Lessons are designed for a typical, 40 minute class. Accompanying homework sets are designed to reinforce each lesson. YouTube videos are also available for each lesson. Lessons and units are scaffolded to build upon skills learned in previous lessons and units. Though eMATHinstruction material can be used for extra home instruction or as a homeschool curriculum our focus is to provide high quality curricula for the classroom.

How closely does the curricula align to my state’s standards?

The high school level courses by eMATHinstruction including Common Core Algebra I, Common Core Geometry and Common Core Algebra II by Kirk Weiler are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as defined by the PARCC Consortium. Many states have adopted the CCSS and for those states these courses are aligned. Many states have adapted the CCSS slightly and for those states these courses are very well aligned but some supplementation may be needed. New York State is one such state which has adapted the CCSS and is soon to implement the Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS). eMATHinstruction’s N-Gen Math™ courses are aligned to NGLS. Since NGLS are adapted from CCSS our N-Gen Math™ courses are mostly aligned to Common Core State Standards as well.

Are there courses in any other languages?

Currently we have Common Core Algebra I available in Spanish as a printed workbook. We are currently working to get more of our material translated into Spanish.

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