Jerome W. Stampley 9th Grade Academy, Clarksdale Municipal School District, Mississippi

eMATHinstruction’s Flexible and Standards Aligned Curricula Are Useful as Supplemental Materials

Angela Griffin, a 24-year veteran educator at J.W. Stampley, found eMATHinstruction (eMATH) materials approximately three years ago when she was searching for supplemental materials for her Algebra 1 course. As a 9th grade academy with 171 students, Algebra 1 is the only math course offered. She uses the eMATH Algebra 1 curriculum in conjunction with another Algebra 1 curriculum provided by the school district, but she prefers many aspects of eMATH, especially the homework. She says the eMATH materials are a helpful addition.

In her experience, the eMATH Algebra 1 curriculum is well-aligned to the Mississippi state standards and easy to customize, even though she often uses the lessons with no adjustments. Angela says that she has appreciated the wealth of information and resources available through her eMATH Teacher Plus membership, and consistently uses the lessons, homework sheets, videos, exit tickets, and reviews in her classroom.

I came upon eMATHinstruction and I was just really impressed. I like the codes that you can scan to watch the videos [and] I like the worksheets, especially the homework with the fluency part. When I go through the content that is in the lessons and the worksheets, everything just aligns.

Angela Griffin, Algebra 1 Teacher

eMATH Implementation

Post pandemic, there are large learning gaps and a lot of learning loss. eMATH has been a supplement that I use that has really closed a lot of gaps, especially when students are absent or when we were still having a lot of cases of COVID. [The students] like the idea that they can watch the video and they are walked through the lesson.

Angela Griffin, Algebra 1 Teacher

171 Students in Grade 9

171 students in grade 9

Students Increase Proficiency with eMATH Materials

After several years of disrupted learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela says that she noticed significant learning gaps for students entering her class. She has used eMATH materials to help bridge those gaps for students who are struggling and to further challenge her advanced students. She says that students are now doing very well at the end of this academic year.

Students also like using the eMATH materials, according to Angela. They especially like being able to scan the QR codes to access the video lessons, which they can review at their own pace.

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eMATH Offers Spanish Translation

Angela says another benefit of using eMATH is that there is a Spanish translation for the Algebra 1 curriculum. This has been very helpful when she or the other math teacher in the school have had Spanish-speaking students in their classes, since they have limited resources for the few ELL students in the school. Translating materials can be challenging and inaccurate so it has been powerful to have Spanish translations of the eMATH materials easily accessible.

Johnny Maddox, the other Algebra 1 teacher at the school, says that the eMATH curriculum saved him time as he was planning this year, because he was able to easily access Spanish materials for a Spanish-speaking student in his class. He says that eMATH materials have been effective learning tools for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students in his classroom this year.

eMATH has helped me provide more resources to my students and given me resources for my ELL students. The lessons are well planned and they challenge the students. It has saved me time when planning.

Johnny Maddox, Algebra 1 Teacher
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