Common Core Algebra I – Standards Alignment

The Common Core State Standards covered in Common Core Algebra I by eMATHinstruction were chosen to align to the End of Year (EOY) Assessment Standards chosen by the PARCC Testing Consortium. Two documents on this page have been included to show how we have aligned our lessons to these standards. The first shows the standards on the EOY Assessment along with the lessons in which they are covered. The second is a Table of Contents for Common Core Algebra I showing which standards are addressed in each lesson.

CCAlgI.PARCC EOY Standards Mapping to Lessons

CCAlgI.Table of Contents Annotated with EOY Standards

8 thoughts on “Common Core Algebra I – Standards Alignment

  1. What is this?

  2. This is an alignment analysis of our curriculum with respect to the Common Core State Standards as delineated by the PARCC testing consortium.

  3. Question! Why are some of the standards given by Common Core not represented? Specifically N-RN.1 and 2, A-REI.7, and F.BF.2 and 4a. Thanks!

  4. Those standards that you cited are not on the PARCC EOY exam, as given in the PARCC Framework documents. There is a handy table, which I could email you, that shows which standards are to be tested on each of the end of year exams. The ones you specifically cite are not listed as being on the Algebra I end of year exam.

  5. Can you send me this table as well?

  6. Please email me at [email protected]. I’m not sure which table you are referring to.

  7. I will like to know what standards specifically are going to be measured in the Algebra I PARCC test.
    Thank you!

  8. Linda,

    The standards listed in this document are the ones that should be measured on the Algebra I PARCC test. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form and I can send you more information.

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