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CC Alg I Version 2.0 – Unit Reviews and Tests (Unit #8 Sample)

So, one of the biggest additions to Version 2.0 of the Common Core Algebra I answer key will be the inclusion of a review set of problems for each unit along with a unit assessment. I’ve been working on these for the past couple of months and they are just about done.

I’m posting the Unit #8 (Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra) Review here to give people a taste for what is to come in Version 2.0. I’ll post the Unit #8 Test over on the password protected portion of the site.

Unit #8.Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra.Unit Review

3 thoughts on “CC Alg I Version 2.0 – Unit Reviews and Tests (Unit #8 Sample)

  1. So…. If we already purchased answer keys to for Common Core Algebra 1 Version 1.0 how do we go about receiving the new 2.0 materials?

    Thanks again… Love the materials here!

  2. Bruce,

    Version 2.0 is an upgrade with a pretty small upgrade fee. The upgrade fee will be $100. We will have pricing details up soon. The updates will mostly consist of a unit review and assessment per unit.

  3. Thanks again Kirk… will be looking for it and also give my Dept Chair a heads up for a PO.

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