eMATH December 2022 Newsletter

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We can’t believe 2022 is almost over! This year, as in years past, we were delighted to make the WeAreTeacher.com’s annual list of The 75 Best Math Websites for Teaching and Learning Math” in the subcategory “Best Comprehensive Math Programs” (listed in alphabetical order). The end of the year means that, for many of us, the ground is white and the nights are long. Just a few more days until the second longest vacation of the year! Some much-needed rest — and perhaps a few presents? — are on the way. We have some gifts to give in terms of new resources on our site, so let’s dig into our new add-ons.


Here are the new teacher tools to use in the classroom for each of our courses:

N-Gen Math 6:

  • Unit 6 (Equations and Inequalities) – Form B Unit Assessment
  • Unit 6 (Equations and Inequalities) – Practice with Modeling World Problems with One-Step Equations. This is a nice resource to allow students to model and solve simple word problems using one-step equations.

N-Gen Math 7:

  • Unit 7 (Statistics) – Form B Unit Assessment
  • Unit 7 (Statistics) – Practice Set of Problems on Box Plots. Here we offer up a worksheet that gives students a chance to practice interpreting premade box plots and also creating ones of their own.
  • Unit 7cc (Statistics – Common Core Aligned) – Practice Set of Problems on the Mean Absolute Deviation. For those who are still teaching the mean absolute deviation, this is a great problem set to give kids extra practice on calculating the MAD and also interpreting its meaning.

N-Gen Math 8:

  • Unit 5 (Equations of Lines) – Form B Unit Assessment
  • Unit 5 (Equations of Lines) – Practice Set of Problems on Graphing Lines. Who can’t use more practice graphing lines that are in slope-intercept form? This worksheet provides that essential extra practice.
  • Unit 6 (Functions) – Practice Set of Problems on Average Rate of Change. The concept of average rate of change can be challenging. This worksheet gives kids practice both with applied and abstract functions and forces them to also use proper units in their work.

N-Gen Math Algebra I:

  • Unit 6 (Exponential Algebra and Functions) – Form A Unit Assessment
  • Unit 6 (Exponential Algebra and Functions) – Exit Tickets
  • Unit 6 (Exponential Algebra and Functions) – Investment Options Extended Problem. In this extended modeling problem, students look at the difference between simple and compound interest.

Common Core Geometry:

  • Unit 5 (Tools of Coordinate Geometry) – Form D Mid-Unit Quiz
  • Unit 5 (Tools of Coordinate Geometry) – Practice Set of Problems on Sequences of Rigid Motions. This worksheet challenges students to find multiple sequences of transformation that map one figure onto another in the coordinate plane.

Common Core Algebra II:

  • Unit 7 (Transformations of Functions) – Form D Mid-Unit Quiz
  • Unit 7 (Transformations of Functions) – Practice Set of Problems on Even and Odd Functions. Even and odd functions are a new concept for students in Algebra II. This worksheet gives them practice on recognizing when a function is even or odd and in using that knowledge to solve a variety of problems.


How do you prove that the diameter is the longest path across a circle?


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As 2022 turns to 2023, we wish all of the teachers, students, and parents out there a restful break. We hope that the New Year brings a sense of possibility for good things to come. In the spirit of multiplying joy, please enjoy our silly rendition of a holiday classic: The Twelve Days of eMATH