eMATH February 2021 Newsletter

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Congratulations goes out to all of the teachers and students who have made it past mid-winter. Given the frigid temperatures around the country just knowing it will be over soon is something to hang onto. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Texas and other southern areas that are having a particularly tough time. Here in the Northeast we’ve had more snow than we did last year for sure. We’ve had multiple Nor’easters and another one is on the way for later this week. Thankfully, the days are getting longer and the temperatures just a bit higher as we look towards March. We’ve been as busy as always here at eMATHinstruction. We’ve changed the way our Blog looks, created lots more add-ons for our courses, and continue to make progress on our next Next Generation aligned Algebra I course.

Our new additions to our N-Gen Math 6 through 8 courses this month are all about Unit 10. In all three courses we have published the SMART Notebook files for the various Unit 10’s and we have also published the Unit 10 Form A Assessment. That actually concludes the new material for the year in Math 7, although we may still add on some additional lessons for this course before the end of the year. In Math 6 and Math 8 we will publish the remaining unit assessments and SMART Notebook files in our March add-ons.

For Common Core Algebra I this month we continue to bring you more Spanish language resources. This month we published the Unit 9 Form A, B, and C Assessments in Spanish. We also bring you a Form A and Form B mid-unit quiz for Unit 8 (Quadratic Functions and Their Algebra).

In Common Core Geometry we have three new resources for Unit 7 (Dilations and Similarity). First, we bring you the Form A and Form B mid-unit quizzes. We also bring you the Form D Unit Assessment.

Our new resources for Common Core Algebra II this month include a couple mid-unit quizzes and an enrichment lesson. First, we have the Unit 10 (Polynomial and Rational Functions) mid-unit quiz, Form A and Form B. We also bring you an enrichment lesson for Unit 10 on Synthetic Division. We know this is a popular topic that many schools teach to their honors students in Algebra II. We believe this is a great lesson to use for that type of purpose.

Finally, in Algebra 2 with Trigonometry, this month we have the Unit 9 (Trigonometric Applications) Form D Assessment. We also bring you the Unit 10 (Exponential and Logarithmic Functions) mid-unit quiz, Form A and Form B.

In other news, we now have all of our Common Core Algebra I lessons and homework sets in Spanish for free use. We did have those originally only as a paid option but felt that we needed to make them freely available for students who might need to access them at home. We have also been busy on translating all of the middle school texts into Spanish and hope to make those files available by next fall as well as have workbook versions of them for sale. Our blog has a new look and more functionality. You now have a much greater ability to sort posts by various categories.

For now, take care and find hope in the spring that is surely just around the corner.