eMath September 2019 Newsletter

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It’s September and schools are now in full swing here in New York and around the country. Temperatures are starting to get cooler, at least in the great Northeast. We’ve been working hard here at eMATHinstruction on add-ons and on our new Middle School curriculum. So much work and so little time. Let’s get right to the new resources.

In our Common Core Algebra I Add-Ons this month we bring you three additional resources. We received a lot of good feedback on our exit tickets from the last month so we decided to create a lot more of them this month in all of our courses. In Algebra I we bring you both the Unit 2 and Unit 3 Exit tickets. We will continue to put out exit tickets each month, with at least one additional unit added. We also have the Unit 2 Form D assessment for Algebra I to give you more options for this course.

Common Core Geometry Add-Ons for September include exit tickets as well as two other resources. First we have the Unit 2 Exit Tickets on Transformations, Rigid Motions, and Congruency. We also bring you a set of problems on Congruency and Rigid Motions. We all known how challenging this connection can be for students, especially when it comes to expressing their thinking in words. This problem set gives students another four lengthy problems to get this practice. We also have the Unit 2 Form C assessment.

The Common Core Algebra II Add-Ons will start to sound a bit repetitive. We wanted to get ahead on exit tickets for certain courses so we also created the Unit 2 and Unit 3 exit tickets for Common Core Algebra II. We also bring you the Form D Assessment for Unit 2.

A similar scenario plays out in our Algebra 2 with Trigonometry Add-Ons. We have the Unit 2 and Unit 3 exit tickets for this course as well as brining you the Unit 2 Form C Assessment. Hopefully we’ve published enough exit tickets now to last all of the courses until the October add-ons are published.

In other eMATHinstruction news, we are busy working on our middle school courses. As a reminder, we have published the rough draft versions of our N-Gen Math™ 6, N-Gen Math™ 7, and N-Gen Math™ 8 courses that are aligned to the Next Generation Mathematics Standards for New York State. This year we will be recording the videos that go along with these lessons as well as creating the answer keys and reviews for the units. We won’t have anything to sell until late Spring of 2020. But, schools are encouraged to use the lessons and homework sets that we’ve published this year on a trial basis. Read all about our plans in the following post:

The N-Gen Math™ Middle School Series (6th through 8th) First Drafts

There is no busier time here at eMATHinstruction than the month of Septembers. It’s when we are helping out schools who are having problems with their accounts, filling orders, creating products, and getting everything set for the school year ahead. Of course we welcome your input and questions. Feel free to always let us know what you think by sending us feedback on our Feedback Form. Until next time, keep working hard and enjoy the oncoming Autumn.