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CC Algebra II Standards Map – by Kirk Weiler

So, we’ve already published a map showing which units and lessons all of the CC PARCC EOY standards show up in. But, until recently, I hadn’t done the mapping in the “other direction” as I like to think about it.

In other words, I hadn’t given a table of contents that showed what standards were hit in each lesson. Well, I’ve got that done now and am presenting it here for your use as we approach the beginning of the school year.

Common Core Algebra II Table of Contents with Standards

Commom Core Algebra II CD

6 thoughts on “CC Algebra II Standards Map – by Kirk Weiler

  1. I was doing the mortgage problem Unit 5 Lesson 6 and I am a bit confused. The recursive equation doesn’t match the amount for a2 being at the end of the 2nd month. I think a1=200000 either should be 200666.67 or it needs to be a0=200000. I know we don’t use a0, but I am not sure how it would work otherwise. Thanks for your clarification.

  2. I agree. It’s tricky. Because sequences before calculus are almost always required to start with a1, but, in reality, it is much better to start this one with a0=200,000 to indicate the money needing to be paid off after 0 months. So, a1, the money needed to be paid off after one payment is consistent with the subscript representing the number of payments made.

  3. Hi Kirk,
    It is really disappointing to me that after all of your commitment to us as educators and to the math profession as a whole that someone scanned your answer keys and posted them verbatimly online for student access. I was hoping others would respect the process and respect the wide spectrum of needs of other schools and professionals. My students were preparing for the midterm yesterday. “Yeah, it’s so easy to get the answers. They are all online.”

    My teaching has changed because of your work and commitment to all of us. Thank you!
    Nancy Zumpano

  4. That’s too bad! Sometimes I take a question from a public exam (e.g. past NY State Regents exam) and tweak the numbers; or change the unknown (e.g. in a 2-way frequency table, blank out different cells). This is more of a pain when the question provides a graph because you may have to recreate the tweaked graph; for that, I find > share (icon in upper right) > export image is great, after fiddling with the graph options, zoom level and size of image.

  5. Kirk, thanks for all you do. Could you please link to the original “map showing which units and lessons all of the CC PARCC EOY standards show up in”?

  6. Don,

    Our alignment documents for each course are in the Unit listings for each course. For Algebra I and Algebra II they are just past where all the units are listed and in Geometry they are right before all of the units. If you can’t find them, send me an email,

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