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eMATH March 2022 Newsletter

Happy Pi Day!!! On this most important (and perhaps only) math holiday, we give a huge shoutout to all of the teachers out there that inspire and uplift our students on a daily basis. We’ve seen so many innovative ways teachers celebrate Pi day with their students. If you’re doing something special with your students we’d love to hear about it. Before we get into the details of Add-ons there are a few announcements we have.

YouTube Live Regents Reviews are Back

Join us for our annual YouTube Live Regents Reviews. Each review will take place the night before each NYS Regents math exam. During each review session Kirk Weiler will be going through past Regents exam questions. Each review session is roughly 3 hours long. Please share these dates with your students and subscribe to the eMATHinstruction YouTube Channel. More details to come on timing.

Algebra I Review: Wednesday, June 15th

Geometry Review: Monday, June 20th

Algebra II Review: Tuesday, June 21st

Middle School Books Added to Shop DOE

For those of you in New York City our middle school books in English and Spanish are now available on Shop DOE and are NYSTL approved. When logged into Shop DOE search Emath Instruction Inc. to see all of our available books.

New Middle School Resources

This month we have new material for Unit 10 (Solids) in our N-Gen Math 6 course. We bring you the Unit 10 Exit Tickets, the Unit 10 Mid-Unit Quiz, and the Unit 10 Spanish language editions of the unit assessment and unit review.

In N-Gen Math 7 this month we have resources for both our Unit 8 and Unit 8cc (both Statistics). In both units we have the Unit 8 Exit Tickets, the Unit 8 Mid-Unit Quizzes, and the Spanish Language editions of the unit reviews and unit assessments.

Our N-Gen Math 8 add-ons for this month include resources for Unit 9 (Surface Area and Volume of Solids). For Unit 9 we bring you the Unit 9 Exit Tickets, the Unit 9 Mid-Unit Quiz, and the Unit 9 Spanish language versions of the review and assessment.

New High School Resources

For Common Core Algebra I this month we have new additions for Unit 9 (Roots and Irrational Numbers). First, we have the Unit 9 Mid-Unit Quiz, Form C. We also have added a practice set of problems on the Quadratic Formula. This practice set has students solving equations using the quadratic formula where they express their final answers in both simplest radical form and rounded to a particular degree of accuracy.

In Common Core Geometry, you will see the Unit 8 (Right Triangle Trigonometry) Mid-Unit Quiz, Form C along with a practice set of problem from Unit 9 (Circle Geometry) on Circle Angle Theorems.

Common Core Algebra II add-ons for this month come from Unit 11 (The Circular Functions). First, we have the Unit 11 Mid-Unit Quiz, Form C. We also have a practice set of problems on Sinusoidal Models where students work with midline, amplitude, period, and frequency.

Finally, in Algebra 2 with Trigonometry this month we have added the Unit 11 (Probability) Mid-Unit Quiz, Form C.

In Other News

We are now in the final editing stages of our N-Gen Math Algebra I curriculum and workbook. We are excited about this update to our popular Common Core Algebra I course and will be offering it for the 2022-2023 school year. We are also well on our way with the rewrite of Common Core Geometry. More news on that as the course develops.

Before long, the last of the snow will melt. Hopefully, this time it will be for good. We want to wish all teachers, students, and parents out there a great start to spring and a good ending to the third quarter of the year.