October 2023’s New Teacher Tools

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The words "October 2023's New Teacher Tools" over floating red and orange leaves for fall.

Happy Fall, y’all! The weather is getting colder and the colors more spectacular, at least here in the Northeast. We have lots of new resources to share — as always, we hope they help make teaching math a little easier. (Btw, the new Geometry course and new Spanish language versions of some of our middle school materials are indicated by *** below). N-Gen Math 6: N-Gen Math 7: N-Gen Math 8: N-Gen Math Algebra I: ***N-Gen… Read more »

August 2023’s New Teacher Tools

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Illustration of summer sun setting over the ocean.

Happy August!!! As the summer sun starts to set, a new school year is on the horizon for many (it’s even started for some!). While we’ve had a great summer (and hope you have too), we are genuinely excited for school to begin and have been creating new materials for all of our teacher members to use, including a new Geometry course and new Spanish language versions of some of our middle school materials (see… Read more »

eMATH May 2023 Newsletter

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illustration of a tree made of new N-Gen Math Geometry books from eMATH.

The end of the school year is near and so is end-of-the-year testing. Here at eMATHinstruction, we are wrapping up our new additions for the year and getting into test prep mode. Without further delay, let’s get into our final new resources for the year. NEW MATERIALS FOR TEACHERS Here are the new teacher tools to use in the classroom for each of our courses: N-Gen Math 6: N-Gen Math 7: N-Gen Math 8: N-Gen… Read more »

eMATH April 2023 Newsletter

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Field of spring daffodils

Spring has fully sprung here in upstate New York as we head into the last part of the school year: the trees are bursting with color, the daffodils have already had their heyday, and the ticks are out in full force! We here at eMATH are fighting allergies to finish up the newest edition to our catalogue, our N-Gen Math Geometry videos and workbooks. And we’re always creating new materials for all of our existing… Read more »

eMATH March 2023 Newsletter

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Image of light blue fractal flower

Spring has finally arrived, at least on the calendar. Of course, we hope you all had a great Pi Day on March 14th (check out these fun pi facts that may just blow your mind). We’re excited to be moving through the second half of the school year and can see the end approaching. We’ve got a few more new resources to post before the year is over, so let’s get right into our new… Read more »

The Pen(cil) Is Mightier Than the Screen: Math Must Be Written Out

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Pencil on worksheet with math problems.

This might sound counterintuitive coming from a company that has literally hundreds of online math lessons available on YouTube, but for math to be learned well, students must practice on paper.  Study after study has shown as much: – A 2020 study by the Reboot Foundation found that of students using an online math tool, those who were encouraged to do their calculations using pencil and paper did an average of 13 points better than those who weren’t.  – A… Read more »

Winners of the Kirk Weiler Voicemail Contest!

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Picture of Kirk announcing the winners of his voicemail contest.

Thanks to everyone who entered our Kirk Weiler Voicemail Greeting Contest! We were thrilled with the participation and delighted by so many correct answers to this math problem last month! We originally said there would only be one winner, but after such an enthusiastic turnout during the season of giving, we decided to select FOUR VOICEMAIL CONTEST WINNERS. Congratulations to teacher Carolyn and students Dean, Autumn, and Karishma, who have each received a personalized recording… Read more »

eMATH October 2022 Newsletter

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Close up image of fall leaves & their impressive fractals

Happy autumn to all our eMATH teachers, students, and parents out there. The school year is now well underway around the country. Here’s what’s new and need-to-know from eMATH this October 2022! OCTOBER MATH CONFERENCES We are gearing up for these upcoming conferences — hope to see you at one of them! Remember to take a selfie in front of our eMATH booth and post to social media with #eMATHinstruction for a chance to win… Read more »

Great New Teacher Tool: Our Standards Alignment Search!

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Colorful Map of the U.S.

Every state has its own state bird, its own culinary stand-outs, its own unique personality, and its own math standards. So how can teachers be sure our eMATHinstruction materials meet their state’s math standards? By using our new Standards Alignment Tool!  eMATHinstruction curricula were originally designed to align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  Our new N-Gen Math series is designed around the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards (NGMLS), which are very similar to the CCSS.  In fact, most state standards are… Read more »

eMATH March 2022 Newsletter

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Happy Pi Day!!! On this most important (and perhaps only) math holiday, we give a huge shoutout to all of the teachers out there that inspire and uplift our students on a daily basis. We’ve seen so many innovative ways teachers celebrate Pi day with their students. If you’re doing something special with your students we’d love to hear about it. Before we get into the details of Add-ons there are a few announcements we… Read more »