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Nottingham Gold – by Christopher Desmond, Erin Scriarrino, Nina Gjoncari, and Christine Varley

So, back in the fall of 1998, I spent 10 awesome weeks teaching at Nottingham High School in the great upstate New York City of Syracuse, probably best known for its college basketball team. But, I tell you, the students and teachers at the Ham provided me with some of the greatest memories of my early days in teaching.

Well, recently I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with some of their great teachers again. And, they just sent me some awesome resources, which I’m going to put in a few other posts so that people will have a better sense for what is there based on the title of the post.

I just wanted to give them a shout-out because of all of the great memories it brings back. Granted, at the time, I got to teach the Integrated Course III Regents Curriculum, which most of them likely don’t even know about.

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