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Problem Sets for Live Reviews (June 11th, 13th, and 18th)

We have Live Regents Review Sessions coming up.

A few teachers have suggested that we post the problems we are going to work through. These problems sets are rather long (15 to 25 pages each). We are posting them as we get them up.

Algebra I Problems:

CC Alg I Live Review Handout 2018   (pdf)

Common Core Algebra I Live Review Problems

Algebra II Problems:

CC Alg II Live Review Handout 2018  (pdf)

Common Core Algebra II Live Review Problems  (word)

Geometry Problems:

CC Geo Live Review Handout 2018  (pdf)

Common Core Geometry Live Review Problems (word)

We likely will not be able to do all the problems in each of these sets (there are a lot of them). But, I will try to get through as many as possible in the three hours we have on each night.






12 thoughts on “Problem Sets for Live Reviews (June 11th, 13th, and 18th)

  1. Thanks Kirk!
    I was wondering if you have similar files from last year’s Algebra I review.
    Awesome work here!

  2. Joan,

    We never made them for last year. This is new this year (and last minute if that wasn’t already obvious).

  3. Kirk,
    I’m in the process of working on last year’s sheets. I’ll upload them when I’m finished, hopefully before Monday! Anything extra we can do for our kids, the better!

  4. Kirk,
    I finished the review packet. Can you upload this to the website?

  5. Joan, I’m confused about what review packet exactly. If you’d like, please contact me via email and I can take a look. Thanks.

  6. Thank you!! My kids will be tuning in for algebra and geometry. So glad I can give them the practice set for geo tomorrow, our last day of classes. Really appreciate you posting them!

  7. I can share what I made with you via email. I have a Google Doc with all the problems. 🙂 Just email me at kguynup at

  8. Kirk,
    Do we need to register for this event?

  9. Nope. Just tune into the Kirk Weiler channel on YouTube

    And it should show up as a Live event right around 5:55 each night we have them. You can just click and watch.

  10. Timezone?

  11. EST

  12. Hey Kirk, I was wondering if you would be able to post the answers for the geometry live regents review problems for the questions that we didn’t get to.
    Thanks !

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