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Hello Customers of eMATHinstruction,

We continue to send out answer key CDs each day as soon as we get orders for them or that include them. The workbooks, those have more of a lag time. My great printers at NetPublications in Poughkeepsie, New York, are working tirelessly to get these things printed, packaged, and out the door.

The latest timeline is as follows:

1. If your district got me the order before August 15th, then the books are shipping today and should get to you by tomorrow (August 26th) or Thursday (August 27th).

2. If your district got me an order for workbooks after the 15th, but before today, those start to go into production soon. They will ship on or before 9/9/2014, but that still leaves you at least the first week without the books. Sorry about that! Consider copying the first two weeks from this site.

Email me at [email protected] if you have questions about the status of your order. I’ll always give you the best information that I have.



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  1. I really like and appreciate your blog post.Thanks Again. kffkkkefkfgk

  2. I was wondering how I could order the answer key CD.

  3. Rose,

    Please visit our commercial page at and visit the Products page.

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