TI Statistics Programs Updated for Common Core Algebra II

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O.k. So, I’ve updated the statistics programs for the TI-83/84 that are needed to do the simulations for Unit #13 (Statistics) in the new Common Core Algebra II.

Here are the programs and a description of what they do. Click on the link to download one and then use TI-Connect (and a cable) to get them onto your calculator. If you are unsure how to do this, click on the link below:

Instructions for TI-Connect (Don’t download statistics programs from this link).

Here are the programs:


NORMSAMP is a very simple program. The user specifies a mean and standard deviation for an infinite population that is normally distributed. The program will then simulate a sample from this population of any size and perform multiple simulations. This output is a list of sample means and a list of sample standard deviations.



PSIMUL will pull a sample (of any size) from a population with a given proportion specified by the user. The population is assumed infinite (sampling with replacement essentially). The program will create as many samples as the user specifies and then exports a list of sample proportions.



This program allows the user to put in two lists with experimental results (Treatments 1 and 2). It then scrambles the data randomly and recalculates the differences in the treatment means. The user can do this as many times as they want in order to establish if the original difference was statistically significant.



2 thoughts on “TI Statistics Programs Updated for Common Core Algebra II

  1. When I try to download it has an error that says this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action
    HELP please

  2. Jacqueline,

    So, I just tried and was able to download the programs to my computer. Make sure you are trying to download these and not open them. The only program that can open them on a computer is TI-SmartView (the TI emulator program for computers). What you should be able to do is download them to your computer and then transfer them to your calculator using TI-Link. I give step by step directions here:


    Now, we would advise you to use the online app versions of these programs instead, if you can. They are much faster than the calculator versions and even give some rudimentary histograms of the results. You can find links to all of the web based apps here:


    I hope that helps. Sorry you have been having an issue.

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