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Hey all. I’m new to this blogging thing, so please excuse early hiccups and whatnot. I’m posting the first lesson here along with the YouTube video, I think. I’m hopeful that this then will give people a chance to comment on either, or both. Let’s see what happens.

The worksheet:

CCAlgI.Unit #1.Lesson #1.Rates, Patterns, and Problem Solving

The video:


3 thoughts on “Trying a Lesson and Video

  1. exercise 2a: missing word after experiment? perhaps experiment with solving this problem or something similar

    small typo on answer key: exercise 3b “field”

  2. typo on Exercise #3 (c). Should the question read, “Create equations similar to Exercise #2…”?

    Also, most of my students for Exercise 3b wrote that the father covers more distance than the daughter instead of the idea of adding up to 300 feet. I don’t know how important the observation that they add to 300 feet is, although I had everyone add that to their notes as well.

  3. Scott,

    You are correct about the typo. I still don’t know how some of those escape the editing process.

    Besides correcting that typo, I really like what you said about the observations your students made! In fact, I already changed that part of the problem to include a follow up statement of “Include any observation that you think is relevant to modeling the problem.” As a teacher, and writer, I often get wrapped up thinking about the problem in only one way. So, I saw it as the two distances having to sum to 300 feet when the two met, but the problem can be modeled in many other way. So, having them observe that the father travels more distance than the daughter could be relevant.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! Keep them coming.

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