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Common Core Algebra II Alignment Analysis and Table of Contents

Hey All,

Well, I’ve just finished the complete first draft of Common Core Algebra II and its answer key. I did a preliminary alignment analysis with the PARCC End of Year (EOY) standards. These are what NYSED is supposed to base its Regents exams on. I also adjusted due to NYSED’s recent standards clarifications and added 4 additional lessons (can you say reciprocal trigonometric functions?).

I just updated the Table of Contents with these new additions. We now stand at 107 lessons. Here’s the Table of Contents:

Common Core Algebra II Table of Contents

I have also recently created an alignment document to show where each of the PARCC EOY standards is hit in our various lessons. Taken together, the Table of Contents and the Alignment document should help schools who adopt the curriculum to understand where they’d like to supplement. Here’s the alignment document:

Alignment of PARCC CC Alg II Standards with eMath CC Alg II Text

2 thoughts on “Common Core Algebra II Alignment Analysis and Table of Contents

  1. Hi Kirk,

    What was your take on the Algebra I exam?



  2. Marie,

    I have so, so, so many thoughts about the June 2015 CC Algebra I exam. Here are some first impressions:

    1. I thought the multiple choice was o.k. for your average to above average student but had far, far too many tricky answers/questions (distractors as we call them) for the lowest level.

    2. I thought the free response was MUCH better than last year, but, far too much to do to get many of the two pointers.

    3. Although I loved the system of inequalities free response problems it: (a) should have been 6 points and not 4 and (b) they should have given way, way, way more space for kids to work. That was almost criminal. That said, lots of kids got 3 out of 4 points on the problem anyway.

    Again, many more thoughts. But those are some that I’ll begin with.

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