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Common Core Algebra II Summer Reading

I don’t know about anyone else but my “last day” at work was yesterday, Thursday June 25th. Strange that my last day would be a Thursday, but, of course, that means that today, Friday June 26th, is the …


It’s like the greatest and longest Saturday ever.

Sorry about the all caps, but I slept from 11:00 last night until 8:00 this morning. I had been on a really long streak of getting only around 4 hours of sleep per night, so I feel great.

Anyhow, we are progressing nicely on Common Core Algebra II and have completed the second draft. I’m presenting it here in its compiled form along with an updated table of contents and an alignment analysis. So, all of you who are not completely and utterly burnt out can start to plan for CC Alg II next year. For those who are burnt out, you can start next week.

Common Core Algebra II Table of Contents.Second Draft

Alignment of PARCC CC Alg II Standards with eMath CC Alg II Text

Common Core Algebra II.Version 1.0.Second Draft