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Common Core Geometry Beta Version Finished – by Kirk

The first version of Common Core Geometry is now done and completely posted. It consists of 10 total units:


The total text is now at 95 lessons with homework sets. I’m always happy if a curriculum is somewhere between 100 and 110 lessons. I’ve found over the span of my career that in a 185 day school year, the 100 lesson count is a good benchmark given all sorts of extra days needed for reinforcement, review, assessment, assemblies, fire drills, snow days/delays, Regents exams, and so many other things that stop us from teaching content.

I would assume as I now head into the Answer Key part of the process that I will likely add some additional lessons. There is no mention of surface area in the Common Core Standards or on the New York State Formula sheet, but I still think it is a topic worthy of inclusion in that last unit on Measurement. I’ve only included one lesson on radian measurement, but I believe that could probably use another day. I’m sure extra days on practice of proofs would also be helpful as well as reinforcement days here and there.

Of course, all of that may also come in our second version of the text. After the answer key is done, or partly done, we will begin work on the videos. We are planning on making these much better quality than those for Common Core Algebra I and Algebra II, so they may take some additional time to create. We anticipate beginning the videos in early February, but don’t have a completion date yet for those. We will have all materials ready for the 2017-2018 school year.

We invite teachers to use any of the Geometry lessons and homework sets we’ve posted. Because we have not begun the Answer Key, they are in their Beta version and teachers should work through them before giving them to students. We appreciate feedback both in terms of typos and in terms of mathematical content. I can promise we will correct the typos and will consider suggestions on mathematical content as long as they don’t radically alter the order or structure of the course.

Although Phase 1 of Common Core Geometry is now done, we have two phases yet to go (Answer Key and Videos). It’s about time I got started on Phase 2. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are ready to get the next month over with before the big break. As always, you can email me with feedback at:



6 thoughts on “Common Core Geometry Beta Version Finished – by Kirk

  1. This is great stuff!

    In case you haven’t discovered…

    Some on some lesson PDFs in UNIT 9, the even pages had a different footer indicating “UNIT 8” instead of “UNIT 9”

  2. John. Thanks for the kind words. We are creating the answer key and editing the text at the same time. We were just about up to Unit 9, so hadn’t discovered these errors yet. We’ve made a note of it. Thanks for the catch.

  3. I do enjoy how the material is constantly reviewed and tied together. Nicely done. I do believe there is a typo of sorts on question 5(C) of Unit 7 Lesson 6. Could you please advise. As Always Thank You.

  4. Mike, I think the typo is now fixed. There are many typos still there, though. We need to replace the Beta version with the update. Just haven’t found the time yet. Kirk

  5. Hello, could somebody please point me on the link for CC Geometry Review material?

  6. We haven’t published any CC Geometry Review materials, yet, but you may be able to find some on another site.

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