eMATH Is Now a ClassLink Partner!

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Official badge of Classlink's Certified Parnters.

eMATH is thrilled to now be a Certified ClassLink Partner, making eMATHinstruction even easier for teachers with ClassLink accounts to use! Scroll down for FAQs!

This partnership will support over 19 million students by combining eMATHinstruction with ClassLink’s widely adopted access, analytics, and identity management platform. It furthers the goals of eMATH to make teaching math a whole lot easier. It also helps ClassLink’s mission of empowering educators to improve learning through innovative systems, services, and tools like eMATH.

ABOUT CLASSLINK: ClassLink is a global education provider of identity and analytics products that create more time for learning and help schools better understand digital engagement. As leading advocates for open data standards, ClassLink offers instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamlines class rostering, automates account provisioning, and provides actionable analytics. Visit ClassLink.com to learn more.

ClassLink FAQs

What is ClassLink and how does it work?
ClassLink is a service that your schools subscribe to make tech application access a bit easier and more streamlined.  eMATH being a ClassLink partner simply means that you can now access your eMATHinstruction account and memberships through the ClassLink portal if your school subscribes to ClassLink.  If your school does not subscribe to ClassLink there is no impact to how you interact with eMATHinstruction.  

How does this impact current memberships?
There is no impact to your current eMATH memberships.  Memberships will continue as they always have.  If your school is a ClassLink school you can now access your eMATHinstruction account through your ClassLink Portal.  Of course you do not need to access eMATH though ClassLink but the option is there if you would like. 

What advantages does this give users that also use ClassLink?
If your school subscribes to ClassLink you can now access your eMATH account and memberships in the same place as your other tech resources.  It just helps to keep everything in one place.

Our School Subscribes to ClassLink.  How do ClassLink Administrators and Teachers get started?

  1. Reach out to your ClassLink Administrator and ask them to do the following:
  2. Find eMATHinstruction in the ClassLink Global App Library and add it to your school’s Local App Library. Here is a screenshot of what our app looks like:A screenshot of emath's logo on classlink
    • Once added to the local library be sure to use the Global App version and do not make a copy of the app.  If you do you will not see any future updates.
    • Assign the eMATHinstruction app to the teachers you would like to access eMATH through their ClassLink portal.
    • ClassLink Administrators can view this document for more information. Assigning Applications (ClassLink.com).  Login required.
    • Once you have the eMATHinstruction icon on your ClassLink portal click into it and it will bring you to the eMATH website.  You will need to log into your eMATHinstruction account just as you normally would.  You only need to do this one time.  Each subsequent time you access eMATH through ClassLink you will automatically be logged in.

    Does eMATH have Rostering with ClassLink?
    eMATHinstruction does not currently do rostering in ClassLink.  There is no need for student rostering as eMATH does not collect student information or create student accounts.  We currently do not do teacher rostering but may in the future. 

    Still have questions?
    CONTACT US for info on linking your eMATH account to an existing ClassLink account and any other questions you have!