eMATH Is Now a ClassLink Partner!

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Official badge of Classlink's Certified Parnters.

eMATH is thrilled to now be a Certified ClassLink Partner, making eMATHinstruction even easier for teachers with ClassLink accounts to use! Scroll down for FAQs! This partnership will support over 19 million students by combining eMATHinstruction with ClassLink’s widely adopted access, analytics, and identity management platform. It furthers the goals of eMATH to make teaching math a whole lot easier. It also helps ClassLink’s mission of empowering educators to improve learning through innovative systems, services,… Read more »

Accessible Formats for Visually Impaired Students

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Over the years we have received inquiries on whether our materials are available in Braille or large format for visually impaired students. Converting any text, especially mathematics texts with all of their diagrams, is not an easy nor an inexpensive process. The state of New York, through the New York State Resource Center, has had several of our texts transcribed into Braille and or large format by T-Base Communications. The NYS Resource Center has graciously… Read more »

eMath February 2018 Newsletter

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It’s mid-month, which means it’s time for our newsletter. Valentine’s Day is now passed but we still have plenty of treats for you this month. So, let’s get right into it. We’re going to start the discussion with Geometry, which is quickly starting to get filled out and ready for Version 2. We finished editing all of the videos and posting them to YouTube. That also means we were able to add the QR codes… Read more »