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We are really excited at eMATHinstruction because we are relaunching our website and, to a certain extent, our business model. I explained lots of it in a previous post:

New Structure – New Products

I thought I’d give a little tour around the site now that it is operational. First, let’s start with what everyone likes, the free stuff. You can now access all of our courses (coming soon Common Core Geometry) from an easy Course link on our main page:

Main Page

If you click on any of the free courses or on the Courses header in the main banner it will take you to our convenient list of contents for each course. Here’s Common Core Algebra II:

CC Alg II Page

That doesn’t look too different from before, although you may notice a lot more content towards the bottom of this list. More on that later. For now, let’s take a look at one of the units. If I click on Unit 12 (Probability) we see:

CC Alg II Prob

All of our content is now here. The lesson, the video, the answer key, the Word files. It’s all sitting here accessible at any time from an Internet connected computer. Super easy.

Now, as always, the PDF lesson and the answer key are still available for free by clicking on either one of them. In fact, if you click on the video, it now simply opens it up in our site as opposed to taking you directly to YouTube. But, look what happens if you lick on anything below the video link:

Sorry Notice

So, we now have yearly subscriptions that allow you access to all of the files at all times. You can find out all sorts of details about the plans, their pricing, and what they include by clicking on our new pricing structure:

eMATHinstruction Products and Pricing 2016-2017

By making all of the contents available online, we will be able to give timely updates to answer keys, assessments, reviews, and other materials. One of the many things we are excited about for next year is a feature we call the Add-On. Each month of the academic year for each of the courses, I’ll be releasing some extra resource. One month it could be an assessments. Another month it could be a Project Based Learning Activity. I’m very excited about these because it will allow me to continue to think about Algebra I and Algebra II while I’m busy at work with Geometry.

So, come by the new site, take a look and let us know what you think. Send us questions that you might have regarding the subscriptions or any of our products:

[email protected]

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