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March 2024’s New Teacher Tools

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Spring is upon us as the school year is moving along towards its eventual conclusion. We’ve been hard at work on our new N-Gen Math Algebra II course (which will be available soon) — stay tuned! Below, you’ll find this month’s new additions to our other active courses:

N-Gen Math 6:

  • Unit 9 (Area) – Practice with Area and Perimeter Problems Involving Algebra. This worksheet gives students great practice with setting up and solving problems involving area and perimeter that require the use of one-step equations.
  • Unit 10 (Solids) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • *Spanish Language Versions of the Unit 10 Mid-Unit Quiz (Form A only) and Exit Tickets

N-Gen Math 7:

  • Unit 9 (The Geometry of Angles and Triangles)Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • Unit 9 (The Geometry of Angles and Triangles) – Practice with Angles in a Triangle. This resource gives students ample practice with using the fact that a triangle’s angle measurements sum to 180 degrees. Students work with both numerical and algebraic examples throughout the worksheet.
  • *Spanish Language Versions of the Unit 9 Mid-Unit Quiz (Form A only) and Exit Tickets

N-Gen Math 8:

  • Unit 8 (The Pythagorean Theorem) – Practice Finding Distance in the Coordinate Plane. In this set of problems, students use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the distance between points in the coordinate plane. Some problems involve finding perimeters of triangles plotted in the coordinate plane.
  • Unit 8 (The Pythagorean Theorem) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form B
  • Unit 9 (Volume and Surface Area of Solids)Practice with Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders. This worksheet gives students a good opportunity to practice finding the surface area of both prisms and cylinders. Both multiple-choice and free-response questions are provided.
  • *Spanish Language Versions of the Unit 8 and Unit 9 Mid-Unit Quiz (Form A only) and Exit Tickets.

N-Gen Math Algebra I:

  • Unit 9 (Roots and Irrational Numbers) – Unit Assessment – Form B
  • Unit 9 (Roots and Irrational Numbers) – Mid-Unit Quiz – Form A

N-Gen Math Geometry:

  • Unit 8 (Right Triangle Trigonometry) – Unit Assessment – Form A
  • Unit 8 (Right Triangle Trigonometry) – Exit Tickets
  • Unit 8 (Right Triangle Trigonometry) Solving a System of Equations Involving Trigonometry. In this extended problem, students work to create a system of equations that involve trigonometry in order to find the height of a sequoia tree. They solve the system to find the height while also playing around with how changes in the known quantities can affect the final calculation.

Common Core Algebra II:

  • Unit 11 (The Circular Functions) – Practice with Radian Angle Measurement. In this worksheet, students work with radian angle measurement in a variety of ways. They convert between radians and degrees, in both directions. They also use the relationship between radian angle measurement, arc length, and the radius to solve for the missing quantity.

Thanks for checking out March 2024’s New Teacher Tools!