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Notebook File of Algebra I Regents Questions – by Jeff Bahr

Jeff Bahr of the Mamaroneck UFSD just sent me an amazing SMART Board Notebook file. He took every Common Core Algebra I Regents exam and categorized each question by its eMathInstruction Unit. So, if you are following our curriculum and reviewing a given unit and want to show kids Regents questions based on material from that unit, this is the resource. It is a large file, around 20 mb, so beware as you download it. Here’s the file:

Regents Questions by emath topic

Thanks to Jeff for all of his hard work on this resource and for sharing it with the eMath community of teachers and learners.

As an addendum (updated 12/14/17), we’ve had a number of teachers ask for this resource in different forms. I used SMART Notebook to convert it into both Power Point and PDF formats. Here they are:

Regents Questions by emath topic Power Point

Regents Questions by emath topic PDF

Thanks again Jeff!!!

2 thoughts on “Notebook File of Algebra I Regents Questions – by Jeff Bahr

  1. This sounds like a fantastic resource! I would love to be able to access it, but my district does not have a license for SMART notebook. Is there anyway this could be converted to PDF? Thank you!

  2. We just updated the post to include both a Power Point version of Jeff’s resource as well as a PDF version. Thanks for the suggestion!

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