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Revised Next Generation Timeline and June 2020 Regents Exams

Well, if you didn’t know already, there were huge announcements put out this morning (April 8, 2020) regarding this year’s Regents exams in New York State along with graduation requirements and the timeline for implementation of the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards. We wanted to make everyone aware of this information, given that most of us are in quarantine and maybe wouldn’t get this information in a timely manner. Here is the link to the article out of NYSED:

First, lets start with Regents exams. We already knew that they and the 3-8 tests had been cancelled. What NYSED released today was direction for districts regarding how this effects Regents graduation credits. Basically, NYSED is allowing school districts to give students a Regents credit as long as they pass the course that would have ended in the exam. Here is the relevant passage from the article:

Personally, I think this is an excellent move by NYSED and the most logical thing to do given the uncertainty that we all face. It still gives kids the motivation to pass the course they are in and to try their best during these times of remote learning, but it takes the pressure off of both them and their teachers to prepare them for an August or January examination.

Now, in another bombshell, and I will admit a surprise to me, NYSED also pushed the entire implementation of the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards off for another year. This is not only true for the 3-8 courses/assessments but also for the high school level exams. Now the first set of 3-8 assessments aligned to the Next Gen Standards will not go into place until the spring of 2022 and the first administration of the Next Generation aligned Algebra I exam will not occur until June of 2023. Although it is hard to almost fathom, your school could conceivably still be giving the Common Core Aligned Algebra II exam in June of 2026. Yes, you read that right, June of 2026!!! Here is an image of the updated implementation timeline:

Here is the link to the revised timeline:

Here at eMATHinstruction we have been planning on the timeline as it was yesterday for awhile. We aren’t in anyway sure of what this means for our own curricular products, other than we will have additional time to work on our Next Generation aligned high school courses (a whole extra year in fact). We will work to update all of our fantastic members as we solidify our own plans.

For now, stay safe, stay sane, stay at home, and most importantly, stay healthy!!!