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Unit #1 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

O.k. So Ann Murray, from Dover, has generously volunteered all of her Smart Notebook files that she has created so far. She needs time to go back and edit them to remove writing she did during the lesson, but we will get them all up eventually. Here I’m going to post all of the ones she just sent me from Unit #1.

Again, I want to thank Ann for this great contribution!

A1 U1L1 Rates Ratios

A1 U1L2 Variables and Expressions

A1 U1L3 Commutative Associative Property

A1 U1L4 Distributive Property

A1 U1L5 Equivalent Expressions

A1 U1L6 Seeing Structure in Expressions

A1 U1L7 Exponents as Repeated Multiplication

A1 U1L8 More Complex Equivalency (FOIL)

A1 U1L9 More Structure Work – binomial expansion

A1 U1L10 Translating English into Algebra

A1 U1L11 Algebraic Puzzles