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Unit #2 Smart Notebook Files – by Ann Murray

Ann gave us a goldmine again. She sent me all of her Unit #2 Smart Notebook files. So, for those of you who use SMART Boards, these should be a great resource. Thanks again Ann. I’ll get more of them posted as they get sent.

U2L1 Equations and their solutions

U2L2 Seeing Structure to Solve Equations

U2L3 Linear Equation Solving

U2L4 Justifying Steps when solving equations

U2L5 Linear Word Problems

U2L6 Consecutive Integer Problems

U2L7 Solving with Unspecified Contents

U2L8 Inequalities

U2L9 Solving Linear Inequalities

U2L10 Compound Inequalities

U2L11 More work with compound inequalities

U2L12 Interval Notation

U2L13 Modeling With Inequalities