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CC Alg I Unit 1 SMART Notebook Files – by Julie Merana-Spanarelli

Julie has been kind enough to send SMART Notebook files for various units in the curriculum. Here are here files for Unit 1. We will eventually collect all of her files and post them more conveniently, but, for now, we are placing them up as we get them from Julie.

Thanks so much for sharing this unit and all the others.

CCAlg1-U1L1-Rates-Patterns-and-Problem-Solving Smart

CCAlg1-U1L2-Variables-and-Expressions Smart

CCAlg1-U1L3-The-Commutative-and-Associative-Properties Smart

CCAlg1-U1L4-The-Distributive-Property Smart

CCAlg1-U1L5-Equivalent-Expressions Smart

CCAlg1-U1L6-Seeing-Structure-in-Expressions Smart

CCAlg1-U1L7-Exponents-as-Repeated-Multiplication Smart

CCAlg1-U1L8-More-Complex-Equivalency Smart

CCAlg1-U1L9-More-Structure-Work Smart

CCAlg1-U1L10-Translating-English-to-Algebra Smart

CCAlg1-U1L11-Algebraic-Puzzles Smart