eMath May 2020 Newsletter

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May has arrived and so has spring in upstate New York. It seems like only yesterday that we were being hit by a blizzard, when in reality it was actually last week. Neither weather nor quarantine at home with kids has stopped us here at eMATHinstruction. We’ve been busy creating the last round of add-ons for the year as well as putting the finishing touches on the first editions of our new N-Gen Math series for grades 6 through 8. More on those later. First, to the add-ons for this month.

In our Common Core Algebra I Add-Ons we round out the assessments and exit tickets for the course. We bring you the Unit 10 (Statistics) Form D Assessment. We also have the Unit 11 (Functions and Modeling) Exit Tickets as well as its Form D Assessment. So many assessments to choose from now.

For Common Core Geometry Add-Ons this month we bring you two new resources. First, we have a Unit 10 (Measurement and Modeling) Progress Quiz. We plan to add many more of these quizzes next year. We also bring you the Form C Assessment for Unit 10.

Common Core Algebra II Add-Ons this month begin with the Unit 12 (Probability) Form D Assessment. We then bring you the Unit 13 (Statistics) Exit Tickets and Form D Assessment.

Finally, our Algebra 2 with Trigonometry Add-Ons this month have four new additions. First we have the Unit 12 (Statistics) Exit Tickets and Form C Assessment. We also bring you the Unit 13 (Sequences and Series) Exit Tickets and Form C Assessment.

Besides a lot of work on add-ons, we’ve also been busy with finishing the first editions of our N-Gen Math middle school books. Our plan is to have the workbooks and answer key memberships available for sale no later than June 15, 2020, so just a month from today. The Teacher Plus Answer Key memberships will include online access to the answer keys for the lessons and homework sets. It will also include online access to Unit Reviews for each unit and access to Microsoft Word documents for each resource. In the late summer we will be releasing some Unit Assessments and will continue to release Unit Assessments for the middle school courses as the school year progresses next year.

We’ll put out an additional post once we’ve gotten everything uploaded and our courses are ready to be used. For now, it’s time I get back to work on them. Take care everyone, stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.