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Google Sheets for CC Alg II Statistical Simulation – by Kirk

As many of you know eMathInstruction offers online apps for performing the statistical simulations required in Common Core Algebra II. You can find links to those simulators at this post of mine:

Statistical Simulations and Inferential Statistics – by Kirk

The simulators work like a charm and I explain how to use them as well as how to use our TI based calculator programs in this YouTube video:

YouTube – Statistical Simulation Programs from eMathInstruction

One of the things I mention in the video is using Google Sheets to analyze the results of the simulations. Google Sheets is super convenient to use given that everyone has access to it. I also find it is much, much easier to use than Excel in terms of creating distribution histograms of the simulation results. Here’s a distribution of 1000 sample means that I created just now:


I show how to create these in the video. But, now I’ve created three Google Sheets for the simulators that people can just copy and paste their data into. I’ll give a links in a second. One of the nice things is that it will report the mean of the results, the standard deviation of the results, the 2.5% percentile, the 5% percentile, the 95% percentile, and the 97.5% percentile (hopefully you know why these are good to have). Here’s what a screen shot looks like:

NormSamp Screen

As always, click on the images to see them much more clearly. Then hit the back arrow to come back to the article.

Anyhow, I’m going to supply links to all of these sheets. Now, and this is key, we don’t want to make it so that everyone is sharing and editing the same Sheet. So, I’m going to make the links “View Only.” All you have to do to have them all for yourself is make a copy:

Screenshot 2016-04-19 20.43.00

Then, give it a cool new name and, as all things Google, it will magically now be in your Google Drive (assuming you have a Google account).

Screenshot 2016-04-19 20.44.01

O.k. Here are the links to all of the Google Sheets:

Normal Sample (NORMSAMP) Google Sheet

Proportion Simulator (PSIMUL) Google Sheet

Difference in Sample Means (MEANCOMP) Google Sheet

Have fun with them. If you are going to share the links with students, consider making copies on your own drive and then sharing them from there.