New Units in N-Gen Math 6, 7, and 8

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In 2010, the Common Core State Standards were introduced in order to provide some uniformity about what mathematics should be taught in each grade, at least up until high school coursework. For the most part, the states that adopted the CCSS, taught the same math topics in each grade level. Eventually, many states began to modify the CCSS to provide more clarity about the standards and to make them more grade appropriate. These modifications gave rise to many different, “Common Core Adjacent”, sets of standards. In New York, for instance, the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards are just such a set of standards, going so far as adopting the Common Core domain and numbering system.

eMATHinstruction’s N-Gen Math courses are aligned to the Next Generation Math Learning Standards. However, because the Next Generation standards are Common Core adjacent, most of the content is exactly the same as that laid out in the CCSS. In the NGMLS some of the content from the CCSS was either removed from the Next Generation standards or moved to different grade levels. Here at eMATHinstruction, we want to ensure that our courses are as flexible and adaptable as possible, and can be used in as many states as possible. In our effort to do so we are adding new units to the online version of our Next Generation aligned middle school courses. This new content includes units that align more strictly to the CCSS. Some of the content within our “cc” units is found in other units, while many of the lessons are brand new. Each new cc unit includes a review and assessment aligned to the content in that unit.

Here’s what’s new for each course

N-Gen Math 6

Unit 11cc – Statistics – In this new unit, we have students work with quartiles, the interquartile range, and box plots. They strictly work with populations and there is no discussion on how samples are taken from populations. Finally, students learn how to summarize their finding using appropriate statistics.

N-Gen Math 7

Unit 7cc – Statistics – In this new unit, students learn how to interpret the mean as a balancing point. Students are introduced to the mean absolute deviation as a way to measure variation. Students then judge whether the differences in sample means or medians is significant based on how the difference compares to a measure of variability in the data sets.

Unit 8cc – Probability – In this new unit, probability is developed from the basic concepts that are also contained in our N-Gen Math 6 course, i.e. simple probability. After simple probability is developed, students then move onto compound probability.

N-Gen Math 8

Unit 6cc – Functions – In this new unit, functions are analyzed without the addition of scatter plots and lines of best fit.

Unit 12cc – Statistics of Two Variables – In this new unit, students look at associations between variables that are both numerical and categorical. In the numerical lessons, students learn how to create a dot plot, draw a line of best fit, and informally assess the linear fit of the data. In the categorical lessons, students learn how to use relative frequencies and conditional relative frequencies to determine if there are associations between different categories.

At this time, these new units available online only. They will contain the full gamut of Add-Ons including Spanish translations, assessments and more.