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Common Core Algebra II – Unit #8.Lesson #4 – The Missing Lesson

So, I’ve been in Italy for the last few days, really enjoying so much of this country. Its culture is amazing and its people are even more so.

O.k. Enough about my vacation. I was editing the other day and noticed that there was a lesson that I failed to include in the compilation of the Common Core Algebra II text. Specifically, Unit #8.Lesson #4.Fractional Exponents Revisited. I’m not sure how that happened, but here it is:

CCAlgII.Unit #8.Lesson #4.Fractional Exponents Revisited


2 thoughts on “Common Core Algebra II – Unit #8.Lesson #4 – The Missing Lesson

  1. Hi Kirk,

    Will your book and answer key be for sale in August?

    Thank you.

  2. Trina,

    Techincally, they are already available for pre-order by school districts. They will be available to ship by August 19th, or at least that is our best estimate at this point for them to be ready to ship. At that point, they will also be available online for individual purchase.

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