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Can’t say enough about how great these lessons worked out for my daughter this summer. She says they aligned so well with the August exam.
Kate MessnerChildren's Fiction Author
Easy to follow…great pacing. I’ve already had students who have missed a class come in the following day to say they watched the video for that days missed lesson and are all caught up. Priceless!
Richard GlasheenThree Villages Central School District
Awesome, lifesaving material!!! Big fan of all things eMathInstruction!!
Geralyn SchroederNorth Colonie Central School District
Nice job! I’m 15 years in and have never seen such a well done curriculum.
Brett WidmanWest Seneca Middle School
The attractive parts of are the CCSS compliance, the well thought out and coordinated lesson progression, and the ease of use for teacher and students. We have not seen a program that matches it in any of its components, let alone all three.
Sean O'RourkeMath TeacherRosemont Middle School La Crescenta, CA
Even my accelerated kids find the material challenging, but engaging and fun. I feel they have learned so much in a short amount of time.
Shelley GatelyAlgebra TeacherLeRoy High School
I am thrilled to tell you my results for my 155 freshmen. 153 passed!!!!!!!!!! I used your wonderful curriculum for the entire year knowing how solid it was. I can see my students getting stronger and stronger after each lesson……..Thank you so much. I am so happy…..I would like to shout from the rooftops about your great curriculum.
Joan GoebelEdward R. Murrow High SchoolBrooklyn, NY
Thank you for providing a high quality, comprehensive curriculum that stretched even my strongest students. I attribute the problems within your program which I presented daily to their development of those critical (yet often elusive!) modeling and reasoning skills. The add-ons within the Algebra program were profoundly helpful and I hope to see a similar expansion of material within the Geometry curriculum. Lastly, thank you for responding quickly to answer any questions I had along the way…… I look forward to renewing each subscription for the 2018-19 school year.
Molly BordenkircherRiver View Junior High School Warsaw, OH
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